Apple not the most valuable company any more?

It was the year 2010 and with the launch of the Apple iPhone 4, Steve Jobs exhibited his true brilliance by leaving behind Exxon Mobil and Google, in stocks, leading Apple Inc. on the path to become the most valuable tech company, and in fact THE most valuable company in the world.


2011 was a sad year as Jobs passed away, but this was certainly not the end for Apple, as they continued to show their dominance in the market and increased their profits day by day and year by year. However, that could only last for the next five years.

Recently, it was announced that Apple lost their supremacy and were overtaken by Google. Not exactly Google, but the parent company Alphabet, thanks to all their side projects. Apple constantly relied on their monotony with the iPhones and perhaps, even they knew that one day or the other their sales would stagnant out. Click the images below to learn more about the analytics!

Talking about the commerce, Alphabet now has a market cap of $558 Billion while Apple has that of $535 Billion. Alphabet gained nearly $22 Billion in revenue, which was much higher than what they expected. Meanwhile Apple, a company which was known for increasing their sales every year, has finally suffered a drop in iPhone sales – the reason why they lost their dominance.


Another great success for Google was surpassing 1 Billion active users. Yes, the active makes a ton of difference. Many people stop using their email services once they aquire their specific purposes so the total number could even be beyond 1.5 Billion. They were also accompanied by Facebook in their journey as Whatsapp crossed the 1 Billion mark as well.

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All-in-all It was a great day for Google to celebrate getting back in their rein. Hopefully, they will be able to maintain this new crown of honor. We would like to mention that if you want any news related to iPhone 8 -then visit this link!

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