HTC Ocean: The Brand’s Future Power!

HTC 10 has left behind a good impression to the consumers and geeks out there and also Pixel Phones which are rumoured to be HTC-make is around the corner so time seems to go well for the brand. But, it also looks like the firm is secretly cooking their next flagship or beast called the HTC Ocean which recently just got rendered!

Remember HTC Ocean? Possibly the coolest leak we’ve seen over the past years, maybe even cooler than the latest real HTC devices. The buttonless phone is back, this time rendered by Techconfigurations, with a dual camera in tow. There’s also a 3D video render after the break.


The core of the design seems inspired by HTC 10 and the metal is shaped in similar fashion. I have to say that the dual cameras at the back seem rather “brutal” coming out of the metallic shell like that. They’ll also leave a huge dent and mark on a glass table if you drag the phone on it… I guess. HTC Ocean has an edge to edge display and probably curved screen edges to the side.

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HTC Ocean

A special contextual touch frame is supposed to eliminate the need for buttons of all types on the sides. Swipes and other gestures will replace them. Swipe down to lower volume and up to increase it on the side, for example. Such swipes may also be used in tandem with the camera for example, for zoom or other tweaks. The lower side features a very interesting integration of the USB Type C port, somehow highlighted with an extra bit of metal…


Color choices are shown here, in gold, silver and black. Sounds interesting, but execution will be key. There are many things that could go wrong with swiping on those sides. Let us know what you think 😀

[via techconfigurations]

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