Google Finally Revealed Android N’s Name Officially!

Hey everyone, it’s that time of year again. As you all know, Google likes to follow a very specific pattern for its Android releases. We’ve had Alpha, Beta, Cupcake, Donuts, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbreak, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Lollipop and Marshmallow.


As you can see, they have followed alphabetical order and aside from the Alpha and Beta versions, they all have deserts name. Every year, the reveal of the name has become a tradition and people like to try and guess in advance what the name could be. This year, Google even put up a website to get suggestions from users.

Android N

Today, we got the big news, finally! Google Android N will be called Android Nougat. Now, I have been waiting since Android K to get to N. Why? Because Android K was Kit Kat and it showed us that Google was perfectly capable of striking a deal to use a brand name. That is why I couldn’t wait to get to Android N! What is the most delicious, popular, recognizable brand that starts with an N? NUTELLA! We had one chance and Google blew it. And to prove how much they blew it, they even had to release a video to explain how to pronounce Nougat since they picked such a random, unmarketable term, that no one says it the same way.

The other issue I have is the statue. Back in the days, Android’s mascot literally became a Kit Kat bar, an ice cream sandwich or a jelly bean distributor… hell… Even the Lollipop mascot was only holding the candy treat but with some sort or angle and giving the peace sign. Since Marshmallow last year and now Nougat, the mascot is just standing there holding a Marshmallow and standing on Nougat. Really unoriginal.


Even if I feel like google is losing their spark and slacking off on the creativity side, and even if I will never forgive them for not choosing Nutella when it was their only chance, I am still excited by the new Android… Even if it’s called Nougat.

Let us know what you think about the new Android name in the comments!

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