LG shipped 59.7 Million Smartphones in 2015!

LG announced its fourth quarter and full year financial results for 2015 and they bring us some interesting numbers. Turns out they shipped 15.3 million smartphones in the final quarter of the year which means the total for the year 2015 is 59.7 million smartphones. This marks a slight increase from the 59.1 million that was shipped in 2014.
As far as sales are concerned, LG revealed that the Mobile Communications Company posted USD 3.31 billion dollars. That’s apparently a 12% increase from The third quarter of 2015 and the same as 2014. This was made possible due to improved sales in North America.

LG added that it knew the smartphone market would get even more competitive in 2016 due to the anticipated launch of flagships from their competitors (Galaxy S7, anybody?) and that the price competition in the mass tier space would intensify. How does it plan to combat this? By launching two new flagship devices and by also bringing forth a more cost competitive value chain. LG hopes this would increase profitability. Here’s hoping the G5 and the other flagship, which remains a mystery as of now, do deliver.

We are waiting for more excitement from LG and we already have some rumours running up about the launches of different smartphones by them. So, let’s wait and see what comes to our way and hope LG will be a game changing brand again this year!

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