Xunlei’s Blockchain Innovation Transforms The Future Of Cloud Computing

When you are watching online movies, listening to a new album, playing video games on Internet, you are probably using cloud computing without recognizing it. Cloud computing is making it all possible behind the scenes. The cloud offers a way to gain new capabilities on demand, instead, the customers pay their cloud provider for the resources they use.

However, one of the most popular topics among cloud users at present is how to save money on their cloud bills. With the rapid development of big data, Artificial Intelligence, 4K content, AI, VR and other technologies, the explosive growth of demands for CPU, bandwidth, storage and other computing resources has been unprecedented in the history of the computing society, while the driving force of computing cost have steadily and sharply declined – Moore’s Law has almost lost its power, which generates a sharp social contradiction.

Chinese tech giant Xunlei recently launched a new upgraded cloud computing platform, called StellaCloud, to shape the future of cloud computing towards zero costs.

Xunlei CEO Mr. Lei Chen spoke on the launch ceremony in Beijing on May 16, 2018

How StellarCloud works? The answer should be attributed to Xunlei’s closed-loop blockchain ecosystem under the concept of shared computing. Based on blockchain technology, the users can share their idle computing resources (including bandwidth, storage capacity and CPU) through OneThing Cloud (an intelligent and environmental product) and be rewarded with LinkToken, which served as an incentive in recognition of the amount of resources. These idle resources can be transferred into shared computing services, thus greatly reducing operating costs for internet companies, which now have been applied in the field of StellarCloud.

Started more than 3 years ago, Xunlei has been providing its Nebula CDN, the first landed commercial application of shared computing pattern, which has received positive feedback and support from customers such as Xiaomi, bilibili and Kuaishou. Now with StellarCloud, Xunlei offers more extensive cloud service including edge computing, function computing and shared content delivery network solutions (SCDN).

The new launched StellarCloud, creatively combines sharing economy, blockchain and cloud computing, is the next-generation distributed cloud computing platform. It creates the first mega-node “cloud computing network” in the world. Leveraging proprietary technologies, such as Stellar Scheduling, Weak Network Acceleration and Network Dynamic Defense, in addition to the advantages of unlimited nodes over traditional cloud vendors, StellarCloud provides powerful and cost-effective cloud computing solutions and shares its unlimited-node capacity with its enterprise users, enabling efficient and cost-effective access.

Sun Xiaobin, Vice President of Onething Technologies, unveiled StellarCloud on May 16, 2018, Beijing

More than that, corporate and individual developers can from now on use LinkToken in exchange for StellarCoud services. This completes Xunlei’s unique closed-loop ecosystem which can encourage individual users to share their redundant resources and save enterprises’ operating costs at the same time. At the launch event, iQiyi, one of China’s most popular online video platforms, announced to be the one of first enterprise customers of StellarCloud, mainly in the file of edge computing. In iQiyi’s case, StellarCloud can optimize the bandwidth cost and at the same time, improve user’s viewing experience. Processing at the edge reduces latency and makes connected applications more responsive and robust.

Comparing to traditional cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), which severely relies on centralized servers, Xunlei’s decentralized-node cloud computing network redefines the products and service model of cloud computing. Xunlei is now stepping forward fast as an integrated cloud computing service provider and industry pioneer.

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