PIQO: World’s Most Powerful Mini HD Pocket Projector

I was looking for a simple yet functionally powerful projector, for a long time. You may ask why? Simplicity has become the key word when you try choosing a gadget. It holds true for a projector as well. It is by a great chance that I came across the PIQO projector.

PIQO HD pocket projector provides connectivity, either wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth 5.0 to any devices or directly via HDMI or USB. I found it to be one of the simplest stuff to use. It is small: 2.25” (LxBxH), works at 1080p but it could provide a sharp display up to 240-inch wide with a brightness of 200 lumens to provide a cinematic experience from anywhere. It is supported by Android (a big plus), has a battery life of 5 hours of video playback and 50 hours for audio playback, and also possesses intelligent keystone auto-correction. It is in a prototype stage, right now.

Competing mini projectors boast half the luminosity of PIQO (or less), resulting in shadowy, grainy images. With 200 lumens, PIQO surpasses all other mini-projectors on the market with superior picture brightness and unbeatable contrast levels and clarity. PIQO’s built-in Hi-Fi speakers eliminate any need for portable audio devices to enjoy favorite movies, shows, and music on the go with crisp audio with nuanced mid-range tones and deep bass that rivals the speakers in many TVs.

Cast Anything

Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, PIQO can cast anything from any of your devices onto any surface. You can access your favorite photos and videos from your phone or tablet and wirelessly cast them for all of your friends and family to enjoy. Or, control your work presentation from your phone while casting it on the wall for the office to see. It can also be used for watching a big game at 240-inches or turn your favorite mobile game into an epic battle on the big screen.

Touch Control

All control functions are touch-based. It allows you to select your media, apps and more with drag-and-click simplicity.,w_695/v1546184039/pbjqomjjv1it659ketak.jpg

Five more touch icons around the central touch area make controlling the volume, screen dimension, and navigation easy. You will not need to interrupt your presentation or your favorite movie to make adjustments to the picture or volume.

Huge-Display Size

PIQO projects a clear and crisp HD image at up to 240 inches. This is over twice the size of even the biggest commercially-available TVs and 10x the size of HD monitors that cost thousands.

5-Hour Video Playtime

With 50 hours of music playback and 5 hours of video playtime, PIQO provides better performance than the competition in battery life. When power goes down, a quick recharge ensures resumption for a good period time. PIQO’s quick charge feature ensures that you will never be left without projection power. Just 15 minutes of charge time can power PIQO up for an hour of video playback.


PIQO is compatible with 3 million+ apps on the Google Play Store. You can stream or download your favorite shows from Netflix or YouTube, play Candy Crush, manage your calendar and more, all in 240-inch widescreen!

Windows, Android, iOS Connectivity

PIQO can connect to your phone or computer for work, video chatting, or creative projects. It can connect to your favorite gaming console for insane 240-inch multiplayer action. It can also connect to your tablet and cast YouTube on your bedroom wall before going to sleep. PIQO can connect wherever you are.

Game Playing

You can play favorite games such as shooters, RPGs, sports games, racing games, as if on TV or on PC, only on a cinema-style dimension.

Offline Storage and Projection

PIQO has Wi-Fi Connectivity, but when no internet is available, you can still access all your media on PIQO’s internal memory. You can even download shows and movies from YouTube and Netflix for offline viewing.,w_695/v1546186006/xtlql4bporoeabrmqpgb.jpg

PIQO can be connected through a USB port to external storage media.

Keystone Angle Correction

Equipped with state-of-the-art gravity sensors that allow for automatic angle adjustments no matter what surface you’re using, PIQO will correct its own angle no matter what surface it is placed.


The PIQO projector is going to change the state of multimedia and boardroom projection scenario with its sharp visual presentation. With audio systems developed by world famous Harman-Kardon and Bose Engineers, external speakers are not required for a great multimedia presentation, whether at home, at work or on the go.

TVs are built to be a media player. On the other hand, PIQO is built to be a powerful multimedia center that does everything. PIQO is also the cheapest when compared to the other projectors of in the same class e.g. from SONY, Philips, JBL etc. The PIQO projector is expected to go into production in March – April, 2019.


Sunit Kumar Nandi

Sysadmin, coder, e-magazine editor, tech reviewer, freelancer. I love science and all things nice. Leading officer of Tekh Decoded. Owner of Techno FAQ Digital Media.

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