15 Google Tricks Which Will Blow Your Mind!

Google Search is the no. 1 web search engine. It gives you the best indexed lists in a matter of milliseconds. In any case, do you have any thought what Google Search does in its free time. We got Google Search enlivening us with a couple traps under its sleeve. Here we bring 15 Google Tricks Which Will Blow Your Mind!! Give it a shot:

  • Chuck Norris Google Trick

Type “Chuck Norris Google” and then click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button. This will show you a funny Chuck Norris Google search page (you can also just hit enter after entering the term and then attempt to open the first link).

  • Quote Mark Trick-

Google will search exactly for the word or more words in the order you type them in quotation marks. For example, If you search for “Space & Universe” it will only show search results for pages, which contain the exact search term (e.g. “Space & Universe is the most wildest mystery.”), but won’t show results where the two words are not next to each other in the giver order (for example it won’t show pages which contain “Space is the outer atmosphere where as Universe is all the matter and energy “). CLICK THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE-

Screenshot (58)Screenshot (57)

  • Search by the type of the file

Tired of searching for specific file formats so that you can download it for future use? Then this trick could help you. Add this to your search terms: “filetype:type”, for example “filetype:PDF” will provide you all the pdf files related to your search term on the first page. “filetype:ppt” will give provide you all the ppt files etc.

  • Wildcard


The symbol “*” is a wildcard. This is useful if you’re trying to find the lyrics to a song, but can’t remember the exact lyrics. For example, “Lyrics for sky * stars” will return the results for “A sky full of stars”. Not only lyrics but you can use it in similar way for other search terms too.

  • Google Guitar

Begin forming your music right from your keyboard. Using Google guitar anyone, even a novice additionally can feel the appeal of music. All the keys are set for a particular tone. Squeezing the keys in a steady progression creates musicality. All the music significant others, it’s an ideal opportunity to get on Google and begin creating and recording music at once. Give your fingers a chance to listen your heart and leave alternate things on Google. You simply search “Google Guitar” & go on first link.

  • Zerg Rush

This trick is quite fascinating. When we type “Zerg Rush” on the search bar and hit “Enter”, it feels lucky! “Google” begins free fall from the highest point of the screen and letters begin missing out one after another, finally just “G” remains when it vanishes through the baseline.

  • Googlism

This new word is coined by Google itself. Its fun amusement where writing anybody’s name demonstrates some outcomes including some interesting and funny details. Attempt this with your friends and laugh out loudly. See what Google thinks about you!

  • Google in 1998

Screenshot (59)

You can utilize the 1998’s web search of Google and can take a look at the links from where everything began. Use the keyword “google in 1998” without the quotes to take you back to 1998.

  • Askew

Screenshot (60)

As the term implies not straight; at an angle, I challenge you to keep your head straight. Simply go ahead and seek “askew”.

  • Google Gravity

Screenshot (64)

Before doing anything, first slick on the little setting icon on the search results page and select search settings. Go to your search settings and disable the Google instant predictions option. Now head over to the google homepage, type “google gravity” and hit I’m feeling lucky! Now you can defy the Newton’s law of gravity.

  • Do a Barrel Roll


Do A Barrel Roll search is another showstopper trick made by Google Engineers. This time, while hunting down the particular phrase “Do A Barrel Roll ” [try here] the outcome page does a complete 360 degree flip before showing you the results. The same page pivoting effect can also be accomplished via searching for “Z or R twice ” [try here].

  • Google Pacman

Screenshot (61)

Getting bored from your office work and have nothing to do? No problem, just head over to google search and type “google Pacman”. The game is always on for you.

  • Find IP Address.

You can easily find your IP address by searching the simple phrase “ip address”. It will display your local IP address at the top of page. Sorry folks, but this is what I would prefer not to demonstrate 😉

  • Get Results for a specific duration

Screenshot (62)

Using Google search tools, you can change the time duration to get specific duration results. Just click on Search tools and select your duration. And it will give you the results based on your selected time duration. This is most useful trick as using this you can get the latest tutorials for any technology, latest news on any topic etc.
– Type the search phrase
– Click on the Search tools
– Select the specific time duration

  • Convert number into words

Are you a nonnative English speaker? Facing difficulties pronouncing larger numbers. Google comes as a rescue for you then. Search the phrase “XXXX to words” where “XXXX” can be any number. Here is a snapshot.

Screenshot (63)

Seems like engineers at google are putting lot of their efforts so that billions of people can try something new. These Google tricks have become quite popular and a source of fun things to do on the internet these days. Try the tricks & share them with your friends. Cheers! 🙂

Judhajeet Das

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and Co-own InMyPlanet Networks. Co-Founder, Tekh Decoded.

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