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Moft Z laptop stand: A step above the rest

Moft's super portable laptop stand fits almost everywhere and is easy to use.

Moft is a company which produces foldable stands for phones and tablets. They’re now coming out with their latest product christened “Moft Z”. It’s an all in one and you can now use it as a stand for your phone, tablet, and laptop as well. It’s now a universal stand. With the pandemic raging on, the Moft Z is a great tool to use for working from home.


Moft Z as a Standing Desk

The Moft Z is said to hold a weight of maximum 22lbs, which in metric is around 10 kilos. If you work from home, the Moft Z is your go to laptop stand for easy, pain free laptop use. You can also use it as a standing desk, and make back aches, a thing of the past. You can now stand and work anywhere in your house with this origami styled laptop stand.

standing desk


While standing desks are nice, they’re not that easy to carry, and are quite heavy to travel. This laptop stand saves you a whole lot of space, and even fits in your briefcase! When folded flat, it fits in your backpack, and even your laptop bag. It’s super narrow, and you can even add it along with your laptop. In case you don’t want to carry it in your backpack, using it under your arm would be easier when moving it around from one room to another. The Moft z folds and unfolds in less than a minute.

super portable

Material and Dimensions

It’s made of PU leather artificial material, and measures 23.9 x 28 x 1.27 cm(9.4 x11x05 in). It weighs 890 grams which is 1.9 lbs.


Moft Z Design

It was designed, mostly for employees on the move. The height when unfolded stands at 10 inches (25 cm). You get one standing mode, and three sitting modes. It Features an origami-inspired Z design. The MOFT Z laptop stand provides one mode for standing and three for sitting. You can open it at 25°, 45°, and 60°, respectively, for use with a laptop, like a lectern for a book or magazine or as a stand for a tablet or phone. But the most interesting is the Standing mode, which makes it like a chair for the laptop. The standing mode is useful if you’re tired while sitting down for too long. You can also use it while sitting cross legged, Indian or Japanese style.

Moft Z origami design



Moft Z Pricing and Availability

The project is being funded on Kickstarter right now, and it costs just $49 for preorders(the expected retail price is $69), and shipping will start from May 2020. Pre-orders at Indiegogo are currently available at $55, with the price expected to go up to $70 after retail launch.

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