Moto X Force Is Ready To Drop!

Moto is getting ready to launch the Moto X Force in India on the 1st of February and the marketing for the same is now underway. What better way to emphasise on how the display of your smartphone cannot shatter than to shatter those of your competitors?

The Moto X Force launched in November 2015 and comes with a 5.4 inches screen with a resolution of 1440×2560. Powered by a Snapdragon 810 and packing 3 GB of RAM, the phone has a battery capacity of 3760 mAh. Available in two storage models (32 GB or 64 GB), its memory can be expanded up to 2 TB with a microSD card. It comes with a 21 megapixels primary camera and a 5 megapixels secondary camera.

What really sets this phone apart though is its shatterproof screen.
Incorporating Motorola’s proprietary Shattershield technology, the screen is guaranteed to last you four years! This means that if you do manage to somehow shatter this screen, it will be replaced for free. This screen also has a dual touch layer so that you can use one if the other cannot function, for whatever reason.

Quite naturally, this is what is the focus of the stylistic teasers that Moto has been releasing, one each day. After letting a whole lot of people drop their phones, accompanied by statistics on smartphone accidents, Motorola took on Apple and Samsung directly. Their next two teasers focused exclusively on the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy S6 respectively. While these two videos don’t even offer a glimpse of the Moto X Force, the very first teaser ends with the Moto X Force being dropped only to survive, completely unscathed when every other phone fared so poorly.


With specs that are certainly capable of holding their own even amidst the flagships of 2016 and with something as incredible and almost unbelievable as a screen that doesn’t shatter, this is one phone that everyone should keep an eye on.

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