New Sony phone with front facing flash spotted!

Recently leaked images have given us our first look at a new Sony smartphone with a massive screen and front facing flash. So, finally we are seeing legit Xperia Z6 leaks and most probably another breakthrough device for Sony again! 😀


This phone looks to be a successor to Sony’s C series, a series identified by its front facing flash. Following on the footsteps of the Xperia C5 Ultra when it comes to its screen size it also takes cues from the Xperia XA. What does this mean? A 6 inches screen with very little bezel. What more do we know about this phone? That it will apparently come with dual SIM support and will be powered by a MediaTek chipset. We haven’t heard anything about the amount of RAM it’ll be packing or the details about its cameras though it appears to be running on Android Marshmallow, from what we could see in the images. The phone is currently supposed to be under testing.

Xperia-C6_6 Xperia-C6_5 Xperia-C6_4 Xperia-C6_3

While nobody can guarantee that this phone is real and will someday make it to the market, it is clear that the selfie market is something that manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to. So that’s it folks. That’s what we know about the phone that could be the Xperia C6. We’ll keep you posted about anything that we learn.


Source: Xperia Blog

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