Fiber Phone, Google’s latest landline service!

Have you ever wondered with the blatant rise of technology where did the good old telephone/landline service disappear of to ?. Well hold you horses because Google, the supreme mugwump of the Internet age has something new to offer to the denizens of some cities of U.S.Google introduces “Fiber Phone” a new landline service which offers all features a home phone service has to with additional new features.

It is quite absurd that with the power the mobile phones come packed with today ,what  really is the point of a telephone landline service.One might generally think of a home-phone to be an antique corded service hanging on to a wall but, google plans on changing their angle of approach with the “Fiber Phone” which could prove to be important and useful to few families.Google’s idea is simply to bring the service up to speed with this “mobile” world and possibly prove as a worthwhile introduction.


Some of the many features include unlimited local and nationwide calling,same affordable rates as Google Voice on international calls.Some other basic features such as call waiting , 911 services , Caller ID are also included.It also offers to ability to carry on an older phone number or to pick a new one.Another new feature includes the transcribing of voice messages which can be sent as text or mail ,quite similar to a voicemail.All this comes at just a price tag of 10$/month and it does look like a good deal .


If you’re having double takes on the service and wondering about what use the service is outside the threshold of your home , well its Google they have a solution to nearly every problem.The Fiber Phone actually has the means of getting access on the road , in workplaces , wherever you are. The Fiber Phone number has cloud integration which means that when you’re at your household it will ring your home phone or your tablet , when you’re at the office it will ring your laptop or your mobile phone.Connect the number with any number of devices you own and stay connected on-the-go , that is the ulterior motive.

Google Fiber Phone

The service was rolled out yesterday , 29th March 2016 to some of the Cities of U.S namely Austin, Kansas City and Provo,and expansion is plausible to Salt Lake City, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham.The service will be offered as an option to all residents living in the “Fiber Cities”.Gradually the service will be expanded to more areas .If the service is available in your area there is a simple sign up and installation process to get hooked onto it.For updates sign up here .

In the meantime give us your take on Google’s latest contraption in the comments below. We’re here listening!



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