Nexus Pixel – a possibility for 2016?

Before we talk about Nexus Pixel, Lets get a glimpse of the history of the Nexus Series! In 2005, Google acquired Android and unveiled their first phone, the Nexus One. Although not completely their own work, it was made in partnership with HTC who manufactured the phone. This trend was followed for coming years and Google released other phones and tablets partnering with big companies like Samsung, LG etc.

2013 was the year that changed it all and Google released their first self manufactured device – The Chromebook Pixel. This was a Laptop designed by them and ran their own Chrome OS. However, there still was no change in the phone and tablet department as we saw further devices being made under partnerships. In 2015, Google stepped up their game again and announced a Tablet-Laptop hybrid, the Pixel C. This was their second self manufactured device and although it wasn’t very well received, it sure was a brilliantly engineered gizmo. It was announced alongside the next Nexuses, The Huawei Nexus 6p and LG Nexus 5X. This meant they still didn’t intend to start manufacturing their own phones.


So what’s the future of these Nexus devices? Will Google ever manufacture their own Nexus? Recently we heard rumours about HTC making a return for the 2016 Nexus after their not-so-successful Nexus 9. But lately, things are changing again and trusted sources report that Google is planning on building the 2016 Nexus all by them selves. Literally, ALL by themselves. Unlike the Chromebook Pixel and the Pixel C housing Intel and Nvidia chips, Google is planning on making their own processors and components. This will prove to be remarkably beneficial as personal components and optimisation can go hand-in-hand so It’s safe to assume that we would get some Jaw-breaking performance.

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