OnePlus isn’t launching OnePlus 3 in April!

Excited due to all those rumors that claim that the OnePlus 3 will be coming out on April 7? We’re sorry to be the bearers of disappointing news as OnePlus has confirmed to Android Authority that April 7 isn’t when the company plans to unveil its next flagship killer.

What is coming our way on the 7th of April then? As reported by a OnePlus spokesperson, it is something for the Chinese market and not the launch of their next device. Did they share anything at all about the OnePlus 3 then? While no date or specs were teased or shared, they did say that “the only thing we can confirm is that [it] will be an awesome product.” While I’m a huge OnePlus fan myself, I hope they learnt their lessons from the OnePlus 2.

So When is OnePlus 3 Coming out?

When will we see the OnePlus 3 then? As announced by the CEO of OnePlus, Carl Pei, not too long ago, the next flagship will be coming out in late Q2 of 2016 and will sporta new design. Looks like we don’t have to wait very long before the hype train comes rushing.


Which would naturally lead to the assumption that the Hydrogen OS update to Marshmallow is a high possibility for the event. Of course, with this being OnePlus, literally anything is possible so the April 7th event could be for Hydrogen OS or just about anything else. Although, if the OnePlus statement is correct, whatever they announce it will be for the Chinese market specifically.

What are you all expecting from the OnePlus 3? Do let us know below! We even shared a Article with you which clearly shows the Specs OnePlus 3 is coming with but Everyone is rather dissapointed with that FHD Display which could have been a 2K or 4K Panel! Nevermind, Maybe OnePlus is just again surprising us this time! Can you guys literally wait?

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