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Samsung Galaxy S8 to have Bio Blue 4K Display with 806 ppi!

We had covered a lot about the Galaxy S7 leaks and rumours in the past and most of them have been actually true. Same did go on with the S6 and Note 6 even and it seems the leaks are actually legit and do somehow hints us about the device! So here it is again, Samsung’s next flagship the Galaxy S8 has been leaked recently and is considered to have a 5.5″ Bio Blue 4k Display with whooping 806 ppi! 😀

A recently showcased 4K display from Samsung may feature in one of its future smartphones for 2017, most likely the Samsung Galaxy S8. At the Display Week conference in San Francisco, the company showcased a number of next generation displays among which featured the 5.5-inch 4K display which it said is as a step towards better VR viewing.

The specs of the display are as follows:

  • Size: 5.5-inch
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K
  • Pixel Density: 806 PPI
  • Visible-light intensity: 350nit brightness
  • Range of colours: 97% colour gamut

The prototype, which was bright with excellent contrast and colour, was shown outside of a headset or a device. This leads to speculation about which device the display could actually feature on. However, the size of the display gives us a major hint, and it treads towards a smartphone display, that too a particular one.

Galaxy S8
That Sharpess though! 😉

The company claims the display is aimed at making the VR experience better. We know that VR Gears do not have display screens of their own and depend on the accompanying device, the smartphone. Samsung has two main flagship series – the S series and the Note series. While the former is their older and first of its kind flagship series, the latter is relatively new and treads more towards the phablet category.

While many rumours earlier claimed that the unreleased Galaxy Note 6 could pack the kind of 4K screen as showcased, it may not materialise. Samsung says it will still be a while before something like this can go into production so it does not fit with the Note 6 release which is due for the July-August period. Moreover, the Galaxy Note 5, the Note 6’s predecessor known to be a phablet, has a 5-7-inch screen and it is speculated the Note 6 will emulate similar specification for the screen size.

The Galaxy S8 or even Galaxy S8 Edge, on the other hand, fit the bill for such a display as they are due for a 2017 release. Besides, the Galaxy S7 has a 5.5-inch display just like the prototype.

A recent report also said five flagship phones will be launched by Samsung in 2017 of which a new name surfaced, Galaxy X. But the Galaxy X is supposed to be the long-awaited foldable display smartphone from the company which also rules it out from featuring the 4K display. Thus, it makes strong case for the Galaxy S8 to be the frontrunner for the display.

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