Samsung Mistakenly Leaks The Upcoming Galaxy S7 “Active”

While it is quite common to have your phone leaked before you officially announce or unveil it, it is unusual for the company itself to leak the phone inadvertently. Samsung has done just that with the Galaxy S7 Active.

The compatibility list on Samsung’s Level app’s Play Store listing mentions the Galaxy S7 Active alongside the S7 and the S7 Edge. This isn’t the first time that an Active variant for Samsung’s current flagship has been mentioned though appearing on official record is far more of a confirmation than a leak from the most trusted of sources could be.

Galaxy S7 Active
Credits: iGyaan

What will an Active variant to a phone that already comes with water and dust resistance bring? We’re guessing that would include even better water and dust resistance though it would be hard to sell a phone on just that much, without lessening the appeal of the S7 and S7 Edge itself. What could make it the phone for those with the active lifestyle this phone targets is increased battery capacity and military grade build to ensure protection from drops and the like. A shatter-proof screen wouldn’t be amiss.

Of course, we’ll not know what sets this phone apart until Samsung actually unveils it though we can take heart in knowing that there will be a phone to meet the demands of those who can’t be satisfied with the regular S7 or its sibling.


Via: SamMobile

Screenshot Credits: IGyaan

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