Snapchat Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Snapchat is a social application that got fame in such a small period. Now it becomes one of the most popular and most used application which blowing everyone’s mind. With the most advanced feature like snapchat filters and lenses, it becomes of one of the favorite apps of 2016. We gathered some hidden secrets in the following article. We are listing down some of the best snapchat hack & secrets that will blow your mind. They are as follows:

Valuation of about 16 million

Yes, that is the truth, it is a fact that Snapchat has a value of about 16 million dollars. It as of now appears for a long time prior when Facebook apparently made a $3 Billion offer to the Snapchat organizers to purchase the startup, while Snapchat was not making any income. Around then, when the questionable CEO Evan Spiegel declined the offer, his choice was depicted as presumptuous, arrogant and even foolish one.

Users over 100 million

The speed of development, the youthful gathering of people and in particular the volume of engagement on the application are making it a genuine contender. As indicated by a report, Snapchat has the “most number of young crowd, with more than 400 million snaps for each day. In 2010, Twitter’s clients were posting 50 million tweets for every day.”


This is the cost for an uncommon day, for example, Halloween, or the Super Bowl, as per Business Insider. This is professedly the cost paid by Beats by Dre on its famous Black Friday battle. On a general day, a supported lens will cost you about $400,000 a day. While a precisely kept mystery, the cost of the section to publicize on Snapchat is said to begin at $100,000.


I incorporate this reality on the rundown since this is genuinely something that ought to be said. While I can understand the desire of accepting a call on the street, snap and drive? Truly? Not cool.People often face accidents because of using snapchat.

The white house is on Snapchat

The official living place and vital working environment of the President of the United States authoritatively made his presentation on the stage this year. All things considered, this is not too shocking considering that the administration has been dynamic in all the most recent social stage. Soon, our parents would also be seen on this rapidly getting famous app.

Even the wall street journal is on snapchat

If you required a sign that Snapchat was getting too mainstream, this fact is a solid one. The Wall Street Journal has turned into the first American daily paper to get a spot on Snapchat Discovery. This is a huge pointer, as the production is not intended to draw in the young gentry.


The conclusion of this article can be that after reading the above facts, we can now figure out that how fast this app is getting famous that even Wallstreet and The White House are on snapchat where most young people prefer to be.


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