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Job specializations that always go hand in hand

In the world of computing or computing in general, specializations have been created to perform specific tasks either as a freelancer or employee of a company, perhaps now within computing there are many specializations in different areas, perhaps the best known and most demanded are Sysadmin and developer (web / app) in many cases these work areas go hand in hand and the reason for this will be explained, first we must know a concept of each of them, citing the following:

Developer: is a programmer or a business company that is engaged in one or more aspects of the software development process. This is a broader area of ​​algorithmic programming. Source: Wikipedia.

Sysadmin: A system’s administrator is the person who has the responsibility of implementing, configuring, maintaining, monitoring, documenting and ensuring the correct operation of a computer system. Source: Wikipedia.

Well, already knowing these work areas in the world of information technology and computing, now we only have to go into detail regarding how related these work areas are within work groups or companies.

The relationship with a workflow can be explained in which a final software product is obtained as a result and in which these points enter the scene in the life cycle of a software or development and maintenance cycle of the software or computer system.

Generally, for a product that is APP / WEB, the first thing that is done is to obtain the requirements or needs of the client during a set of meetings, where all the functionalities or business logic are detailed to carry out an analysis of all these requirements and interpretation, to determine, thus, by project managers, developer requirements analysts and sysadmins through a Brief, GANTT diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams (ER), Use Case Diagrams, among others, the organization to start the correct development complying with all the required requirements and complying with the delivery times and costs for the concept of development, implementation and maintenance of these computer systems to be developed.

The next phase of work enters the scene of the WEB / APP developer or developers who begin to build or develop the software product or computer system, using certain programming languages, frameworks and versioning tools during development such as GIT.

Once the development is finished, the testing phase and the deployment of the software application are entered either on a computer or server with all the software tools necessary to deploy the developed software or the computer system, where the sysadmin enters to support in the deployment process and the correct implementation of security measures for it.

Once the alpha and beta stages of the software application or computer system are finished, a final product is already stable and robust enough to take it to production, where the sysadmin must deploy the software application or computer system on the target computer or server, also implementing automated backup tools and contingency measures in case of serious failures, possible hacks (remembering that nothing is 100% secure on the internet due to many security measures) and possible disasters in the location where the platform is deployed.

In many cases, in WEB development, a sysadmin is working more closely with the developers because he is in charge of deploying the platform on servers whose implementation is for application development before the platform is deployed on the production server.

The developers and sysadmin interact constantly depending on the type of development, in some cases a constant communication between the developer and the sysadmin are not necessary but in others there must be constant feedback between both in the development and implementation of the platform computing.

Generally, the sysadmin is a key person in every company and the one who has greater responsibility for it since he must be aware of new security measures to be implemented, correct security holes in the implemented platforms, he also implements different services with tools of existing software in the company such as private email, backup systems, versioning systems with git or others among many other implementations that are the competence of a sysadmin.

In case of serious failures in the computer systems of a company, a sysadmin has to be generally available 24/7 for the quick solution of these failures in case of occurrence.

In the case of developers, they are like builders of buildings making an analogy in terms of the way of working, they develop computer systems that comply with a series of current standards for app/web programming and that comply with a minimum of measures of security in the programming logic of the final product, be it an application or a web environment.

It is also very common that developers and sysadmin like to participate in events such as DEVCONF, one of the largest events that is held annually on cybersecurity and even dealing with other topics during it where developers and sysadmins from all over the world share their personal experiences in the world of work.

Although there is a curious issue in the work-groups, in software companies, several programmers (developers) may be working at the same time, but in the case of sysadmins there will always be 1 or a maximum of 2 within a software development company or work-group. This is because the daily workload of a sysadmin is much lower than that of a programmer, therefore it is not usually such a demanded work area, although if there are sources of work available for them, the greatest demand is for the programmers and developers, which continues to increase the demand for expert personnel in application and website programming.

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