REPORT: Samsung bringing the Note 7 Back?

Note 7

Samsung Mobile’s one of the biggest mistake was manufacturing and releasing the Note 7. The mobile rdx was just a terror amongst the buyers and you completely had no idea when your Galaxy Note 7 can explode and get you in some serious problems. But, a new report is suggest that Samsung is actually bringing the Note 7 back but, as refurbished edition.

It’s not clear is Samsung is planning to refurbish all of the 3 million Note 7 units which have been returned, but the company could easily recuperate half a billion dollars if it sold 2 million of the devices for $250 each.

If the price is right, would you buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Would you really risk your life once again just by believing Samsung? Let us know about your thoughts on the upcoming Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in the comment sections below! 😀

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