The upcoming iPhones is likely to have sensor-shift stabilization technology along with major camera upgrade and 5G connectivity

From what I know, new camera module is totally worth the wait!

As per a report on DigiTimes, upcoming iPhone 12 family is likely to have a new sensor-shift stabilization. For starters, one obvious benefit is that it would apply to all the lens that upcoming iPhones will be equipped with. As of yet, iPhones reckon on OIS or optical image stabilization, it is only available for wide-angle and telephoto lens and not the ultra-wide one. If Apple brings sensor-shift stabilization technology to the new iPhone, it is going to improve the stabilization with ultra-wide camera and optimize overall image quality for both photos and videos. Since the camera sensor itself would gain stabilization technology, it should work with all the lens including external lens offered as iPhone accessories.

All the new iPhones will come with faster 5G modem. Ming-Chi Kuo, who is an analyst for TF Securities, writes in a note to its investors:

“We believe that Apple will release new iPhones that support mmWave and Sub-6GHz iPhones at the same time in 2H20.

Because 5G iPhones are divided into Sub-6GHz and Sub-6GHz + mmWave models, the complexity of new product development is higher, which is also beneficial to Fuzhikang Group of NRE.

According to our latest survey, the development of the Sub-6GHz + mmWave iPhone is progressing as scheduled, and it is expected to ship at the end of 3Q20 or early 4Q20.”

Also, Apple is most likely to finally introduce 3D sensing “Time of Flight” (ToF) camera sensors in iPhone 12 lineup in its main camera or real camera setup. It is not new at all, Apple has been deploying it in front TrueDepth camera since iPhone X series. It is extensively used for features like Face ID. Potential of adding this to the real camera setup is unlimited. It would definitely improve image capturing and tremendously help AR apps.

If this happens, Apple’s iOS camera app now gets to dive deep into vibrant effects for photos and videos out of the box. Finally, we would get to see the perfection in effects or Apple’s version of effects which other Korean or Chinese brands have been offering for a while.

Owing to lack of verifiable information from Apple, all we can do is hope for the best and wait until Apple final unveils the new iPhone 12 family. Also, if the price is not increased, the new camera system with updated A14 chip in the new top-tier iPhone 12 is going to be hell of deal for folks who buy the iPhone for its robust camera quality.

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