The Use Contrast Feeling of Smart Bracelet 5 and Smart Bracelet 3

Smart Bracelet 5 and Smart Bracelet 3

HUAWEI once released smart bracelet 3, which attracted great attention. HUAWEI released a new smart bracelet 5 in recent. These two models have their own characteristics. Compared with the smart bracelet 3, this article will show HUAWEI Band 5 Pro review

The shape of the HUAWEI smart bracelet 5 is the same as that of smart bracelet 3. Except that it is changed to a 0.95-inch AMOLED color touch screen. It is more flexible and convenient to control than Glory bracelet 3 with only one key. The display effect is much better. 

The structure of the back is similar, even to the specifications of the charging contacts. The charging base of bracelet 3 can work with the smart bracelet 5. 

The strap installation of the smart bracelet 5 is different from the smart bracelet 3. The smart bracelet 3 uses screws. And the smart bracelet 5 replace with plastic buckles. The skin-friendly watchband material is lighter and more convenient to wear. The experience is comfortable, and it is not easy to lose. 

In addition to bracelets, accessories include chargers and USB cables. 

The blue version of the smart bracelet 5 watchband is dark blue and is more durable. When the light is dark, it looks similar to black at first and is more versatile. 

The AMOLED screen is blue, with curved glass, and has a gem-like luster under the light. 

There will be a delay when the screen lights up, which is good-looking. 

The operation is much more convenient with the touch screen. It can slide and press for a long time. And the small round key used for function switching becomes the home key, click to return to the time interface. 

The screen resolution is higher with full color. The animation is much finer, and the overall feel is much better. 

After receiving the message, the content of the message can be displayed directly. The smart bracelet 5 can display the front part of the content. If it is a long message, you need to turn it over to view the following. 

If the smart bracelet 5 does not read the message in time, the wrist-lifting bright screen will display the time. But a message symbol will remind the user that there is an unread message.  Turning up then we can see the message. This design is thoughtful. 

Right-click the message interface to delete the message. 

The intelligent bracelet 5 has added a blood oxygen monitoring function. Making it more convenient for users who pay more attention to health. They can monitor their health status in real-time. 

The updated iteration of smart wearable devices enables users to experience more and more practical functions. It is an enjoyable and satisfying thing for users who like electronic products. 

The user feedback of smart bracelet 5 is good on the whole. And the bracelet technology is mature. The high-cost performance of smart bracelet 5 has met daily needs. 

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