[DOWNLOAD] Cyanogen OS 13 Wallpapers And Theme!

Cyanogen OS’ relationship with the community developed CyanogenMod is a bit complex. While Cyanogen OS clearly reaps the benefits of CyanogenMod, the latter misses out on some of the things that the commercial version ships with. While acquiring most of these is very easy and was made easier with the C-Apps project, nothing can be as easy as getting the wallpapers that the recently launched CyanogenMod 13 ships with.

While the majority of wallpapers are from CyanogenMod, the updated version of the default theme, Hexo, does bring two new wallpapers. It also includes the original wallpaper that Cyanogen OS’ most popular product, the OnePlus One shipped with.

Titled Hexo Original, Hexo Lines and Hexo Fullup, we’ve got all three wallpapers for you. They were extracted from the theme apk provided by Redditor serg_sarcasm. The wallpapers have a minimum resolution of 2000 x 2000 so they should look fine on any device you want to rock them on.

We also have a link to the new theme which brings the usual deluge of hexagons. It gives the notification shade and pop-up notifications a more Android N look. The theme itself is dark with blue accents. The theme will require you to be running a ROM that supports the CM Theme Engine and might have issues with earlier versions of Android as it was designed for Marshmallow.


Cyanogen OS



Theme: Hexo from Cyanogen OS 13

Download and more importantly, share to spread the love. Also, do let us know how well you liked the Theme and the wallpapers! We would love to know! 🙂

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