So, you thought that Twitter would dump the 140 char limit? Well not!

Had you ever thought that Twitter would remove the 140 character limit, and would provide you to write as many texts as you want without any limit, or something like so? Well if so, you might be a victim of some rumormonger as of now.

Twitter still wants us to keep tweeting, speaking against the rumors.


Jack Dorsey : Co-founder of Twitter


Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, confirmed on The Today Show today once for all that the 140-character limit is going nowhere: “It’s staying. It’s a good constraint for us,” Dorsey said. “It allows for of-the-moment brevity.”

Re/Code claimed at the beginning of the year that Twitter was considering ditching its 140-character cap and instead imposing a whopping 10,000-character limit, and the whole idea was being dubbed the “Beyond 140” project. Apparently, tweets would still only show 140 characters on your timeline, but then you could expand the them to see the rest of the text. Twitter was testing this feature with no word on when it would debut it.

Here’s what Jack tweeted just after


Now, what’s the irony in that tweet?

It is becoming an easy job for social and tech media (even like us) to find something irony and share like a person had tried deforesting Amazon Rainforest whether ethically or non-ethically.

If you had observed (I meant if you had read) that tweet above, which you had obviously done if you are reading the post 😛 , you would find that he mentioned about that he observes people sharing their views in elaboration by the method of the screenshot. Now look at that tweet above. Yes, it is also he who had shared his views by the screenshot.

He says that Twitter (obviously the Team behind it) tries to find what’s the people over their tweeting and how are they tweeting. He also talks about “What if Twitter could automatically read the texts out of these screenshots?“. Probably that would make people over Twitter easier to search for those relative texts in the tweet, don’t you think so? Also, he talked about he is making his fellow devs ready to adopt some changes in future.

Well, who knows it? I was talking about the future, guys and girls.

Let us know whether you were for or against the decision of not raising the character limit of a Tweet in Facebook. We could have a healthy discussion on that, if you know what I meant.

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