Paper that Stores Energy!

Researchers at a Swedish University have developed a new material having the ability to store energy, dubbing it as the Power Paper.
It is made out of fibres of nano-cellulose and a coating of complex conducting polymer, making it look plastiky.The Power Paper measures 15cm in diameter and just a few tenths of a millimeter in thickness,in which it can store upto 1F of energy similar to the capacity of supercapacitors available in the markets today.

The material can be charged several hundreds of times and the process lasting not more than a few seconds. This product falls in the list of those innumerable advances that mankind has made over these years to utilize renewable sources of energy which also require new methods of storage that withstand any kind of changes,seasonal or climatic- be it summer or winter,a cloudy day or a bright and sunny one.

“Thin films that function as capacitors have existed for some time. What we have done is to produce the material in three dimensions. We can produce thick sheets,” says Xavier Crispin, professor of organic electronics and co-author to the article.

The researchers have also conducted several tests to indicate its strength, one of which is to use one piece to make an origami swan.

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The procedure is similar to producing paper from regular pulp, where it has to be dehydrated to make it into paper. The only challenge being industrial-scale development for a product like this.
These findings are soon going to find a place in our day to day work spaces. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. A very good article describing one of the fantastic ideas for alternative source of energy, hopefully one say we can see such technology being developed and will be looking forward for more such articles @Mr.Apurv Raghavendran

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