6 Tips to Choosing a Web Host in Canada

If you are a businessperson, it is critical that you create quality web content for your website. Furthermore, you should build a website that is responsive to lure your customers. However, most people ignore the crucial process of selecting a reliable web hosting company. A wrong company will affect your site’s popularity, security, performance, and reliability. Best hosting Canada will provide you with a list of the ideal companies available in the country. This article provides you with six tips to choosing a web host in Canada.

1. Reliability

You need a site that will not often go down since you may lose potential clients and negatively affect your ranking in search engines. A good company should guarantee your site’s availability on the internet. The web host agency should ensure a 99.9% or better uptime and deliver on that promise. A monthly downtime of 0.1% per month translates to about 43 minutes per month. The potential company should also ensure that in case your hardware fails in the server, your website will still keep running while you amend the situation. In particular, look for a web host that uses a redundant storage configuration called “RAID-10,” which provides both redundancy and acceleration.

2. Support

Sometimes you will need help, and your web host should be available to assist you. Many companies have convenient email exchanges but their response times are slow, especially with incomplete requests. Being able to contact your web hosting company by phone or message without long hold times is essential when issues arise. The most important thing is being able to communicate in your preferred language and quality answers on the first try.

3. Security

The invention of the internet led to the development of cybercrime. Hackers are always looking for ways to steal or compromise your data. Your web host should put in place effective security measures to protect your site from such problems. The web host should propose any of the following security measures:

  1. Firewall: A firewall is the main defense against cybercrime, virus, and malware.
  2. DDoS Protection: Distributed Denial of Service overloads servers by sending several simultaneous requests than a site can handle. The web host equips your site with counter-measures to prevent this type of attack
  3. Brute Force Protection: This kind of security limits the number of failed logins attempts.

4. Storage and Bandwidth

The amount of storage determines how much content your website can have. Bandwidth dictates the number of visitors your site can accommodate per month, as well as the how many videos or downloads the visitors can perform. A web host, which offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, is a good company if you want to grow without worrying about limits.

5. SSL Security

You must protect your clients if you want to grow. A website that starts with “https” proves that there is security that protects both the website and visitors. SSL security encrypts the exchange of information between your websites and visitors. SSL also improves your website’s search engine ranking.

6. Backups and Restores

In case your site is hacked, or you accidentally delete important files, you need a quick way to restore your work without starting over. The web host should create daily backups of your websites, database, emails, combined with a precise method of restoring the backed up data.

With these tips, you do not have to rely on luck to choose the best web hosting provider.

Sunit Kumar Nandi

Sysadmin, coder, e-magazine editor, tech reviewer, freelancer. I love science and all things nice. Leading officer of Tekh Decoded. Owner of Techno FAQ Digital Media.

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