Google providing OTA.Zip links for Android N Dev Preview 2!

When google initially released the first Android N Developer Preview, the process to obtain it was fairly simple. One needed to sign up using the Android Beta program and could pull the preview via OTA almost instantly.However when google dropped the Android N Developer preview 2 update day before yesterday , a few people were dissapointed to see that thought the factory images for the DP2 were available and the links could be shared, the OTA did not appear at quite the same time .However some people are reporting that they did receieve an OTA to the same ,but all the same google is providing the OTA.Zip to be sideloaded if you want the latest DP2.

The question does arise as to why google is providing the .zip files instead of the image.The reason for that is pretty much simple.The .zip file provided by google is pretty much the same as OTA update except that you need to jab in a couple of adb commands or three , but otherwise fairly simple.Unlike flashing multiple files in case of a factory image which involves unlocking the bootloader too , in the case of .zip all you need to do is get into the recovery and navigate to adb sideload and select the downloaded file and presto you have updated your nexus to the latest DP2 , that simple.

Android N DP2 Download Links- 

The links for the Android N DP2 are given below.Happy flashing :).The DP2 has the build ID NPC91K

Android N

More instructions and files can be found at the Android N support. Let us know the newest features or improvements you could spot in your nexus. Also, your experience with the new Android N developers preview! Cheers! 😀

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