High Demand programming languages for complete beginner in 2020

An interesting list of popular coding languages


Programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program. It uses various programming languages to communicate with computers,applications and other networking to perform set of task.

The Programming languages differ because of syntax and structure but the algorithm of them remains same.You just need to understand the logic of the programming and have to be creative.

Every Programming language is designed for specific purpose, and you should choose your convenient Programming language by considering your area of interest.

Given below are the high recommended programming language with great demand in 2020:


Python developers are in high demand not only because the language is so popular and widely used in various field. Python programming is helpful in web application, Data Science and Machine Learning. It has a good career because it is valuable in the software industry. Python is an Interpreted, high level, general purpose programming language.Python is used for developing desktop GUI applications,websites and web application. For the complete beginners Python is easy to learn. If compared with the other programming language syntax of Python programming is easy. Python has been important part of Google.It is recognized as an official language at Google,alongside with Java and C++. Even the well known app Netflix uses Python. Python is broadly used in Internet applications development such as Django,Games, 3D applications, software development applications and business application. The average salary for a Python Developer is 4,93,032 INR per year .


JAVA is a general purpose computer programming language,object oriented and platform independent. It is a multi-threaded language. Java programs can create Applets (like programs which run on Web Browsers and Application are general programs like any other programming language. Java was initially called Oak developed by Sun Micro Systems. It is currently owned by Oracle. Java is most important in the current IT sector. For some beginners Java might be difficult to learn, while others think that it has the same as other languages. Java has a considerable upper hand over most languages because of its platform independent.

Google uses the Java programming to build and develop the Google Docs. It is the most popular programming language for Android smartphone applications and also used to develop Games. It is also used to create Web apps, Internet of things, cloud platform computing and Machine Learning. The average salary for a Java Developer is 6,01,849 INR per year.


Javascript is a programming language which is used for creating Web pages. It is a High level, often just-in-time complied and multi paradigm. Javascript was developed in 1995, which appeared in Netscape, a popular browser of that time. Previously u can across Java, there are many programmers who think that Javascript and Java are same. In fact they are complete different its like comparing Car and Carpet. Javascript is a flexible and powerful programming languages that is implemented consistently by various web browsers. Along with HTML and CSS, Javascript is also a core web technolgy. Javascript is beginner friendly and it also set you up with some extremely valuable transferable skills. Javascript is worth learning because its so versatile, client, server, database and assets can be composed in one programming language. Apps like Netflix, Linkedin, Trello, Uber, PayPal, eBay uses Javascript. The average salary of Javascript Developer is 6,14,151 INR per year .

C / C++

C language is widely used in embedded systems. It is procedural language and used for developing system applications. Programming in Arduino and Microcontrollers is basically done using C programming language. It is a high level language. C and C++ are used more in graphics rendering and embedded systems. Most beginners always start learning C / C++ as it as a simple syntax and very popular in web development. C++ is widely used in developing different games. C++ is used for making Web browsers.

You might have a doubt whether C/ C++ are still in demand? I would say that C and C++ are irreplaceable programming languages. Most of the new operating systems are installed using C/C++. The software companies which uses C++ as their main technology includes: Microsoft, Linkedin, Amazon, Opera, Evernote Mozilla, Oracle etc. The average salary of C/ C++ developers is 6,88,245 INR per year .

R Programming Language

R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing. R is the best programming language to perform analytical operation. R programming also includes Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence. Since more demand and popularity of AI, the demand of R programming language is also at its peak. Proper mathematical and statistical knowledge, financial analysis ability and much programming experience is required to purse these path. It is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. The number of applications such as healthcare, business, finance, media uses R programming language to analyses the data. R is not difficult to learn because it is a programming language. The programmers who consider Math and Statistics as there weak subjects might find R programming language little difficult. R is now considered as the most popular analytic tool in the world. If you are planning to learn R alone then there is problem because you need to be aware of statistics concept as well. The careers in R programming language are: Data Scientist,Data Analyst,Data Architect. The average salary of R developers is 6,20,244 INR per year.


There are many more programming language like C#, PHP, Ruby, Swift. Learning programming language depends on area of interest of programmers. Some of you might find Python or Java interesting or any other programming language. You might find many website from where you can learn programming language and gain certificates, some are paid and some are free. Learning programming languages can be useful if you want to purse your skills in Computer Science Field because demand of programmers will always be alive. So its now or never start learning your interested programming language through online or by buying books.

Happy Coding!

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