DevOps services. What is it?

Many modern developing companies are now adopting the DevOps approach to increase their efficiency. This methodology was created to achieve better results from the collaboration of IT operation and app testing teams. With DevOps support services, you will benefit from better communication between the developing teams and consequently receive quicker and finer results from this work. The KPI value of quality assurance processes for your company can be increased immensely thanks to the DevOps solutions.

The Meaning of DevOps and its Benefits

DevOps is essentially a portmanteau of development and operations. DevOps is a viewpoint adopted by IT companies that allows shortening the life cycle of software development, receiving quicker feedback, delivering more updates and bug fixes within a short span of time, etc. This can be achieved by aiming at enhancing collaboration between development and operation teams. Here are some of the advantages of implementing DevOps solutions by Zappletech in your business:

  • Using continuous integration and delivery – CI/CD allows automating the development and app testing processes, which results in quicker delivery of this software to the customers;
  • Creating and managing testing environments – separate servers are required for running tests on your software. The quality of such servers will reflect on the results of your automated testing;
  • Incorporating tools for project management – app development projects are complex and require convenient tools for their management. These tools allow assigning tasks, choosing deadlines, monitoring progress, and more;
  • Collecting comprehensive reports – convenient reporting tools help development teams with gathering various data and speeding up the development process to achieve quicker results.

Zappletech offers high-quality DevOps solutions and support throughout the development process of your applications. It all starts with developing a unique strategy for your case, following it up with selecting the required tools, and making a plan. After that, you can enjoy automated solutions and quick and efficient testing of your software.

Sunit Kumar Nandi

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