HOW TO: Transfer your datas from iPhone to Computer using iMyFone D-Port!

You might know that you can use iTunes to transfer data to Computer but you cannot use them unless you extract them. This is where iMyFone D-Port comes into play! Here’a complete tutorial showing you can you easily transfer data from iPhones to Computer using this special tool!

What is iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Export?

It is a software through which you can extract your data from iTunes without any efforts. Just by few clicks, you can do it. Moreover, you can preview your backup file of iCloud and check each file types. You can select manually or backup all your files. The data transfer features actually started from the Windows XP (Windows Whistler) and have just gotten better after that.

Key Features of iMyFone D-Port-

iMyFone D-Port

  • Transferring data from the iPhone to the computer
  • Extract data from iTunes to your computer
  • Extract iCloud backup data
  • Extract conversations from third-party e-mail applications

iMyFone D-Port


Want to know more about the iMyFone D-Port data exporter, you can visit the official iMyFone website and check out other software such as iMyFone D-Back, iMyFone Unite and more.

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