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Artificial Intelligence is Helping Tackle Invisible Threat

Do you catch a cold frequently? Do you sneeze a lot? Do you get a bad sore every other day? The culprit is just around you. Allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) lurk in the air for a long time, pair up with other compounds and aggravate your airways.

A soaring level of air pollution is making headlines on newspapers ringing the alarm bells about deteriorating health. You can take indoor air pollution lightly because it does not appear like thick smoke lurking outside like a cloud above your head.

Long-term exposure to pollutants can lead to severe health issues, especially respiratory problems. You will be surprised to know that the UK is spending a whopping £1.9 billion on scented candles every year. People are so crazy about them that they do not mind compromising with their budget.

These candles are not worth investing because they also release VOCs. So, what should you do to tackle such issues? Invest in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm by gradually crawling into every field, making our life better and commodious. Here are the artificial intelligence gadgets that can help you purify indoor air.

BRISE – Your Angel with AI

BRISE has the solution to purifying indoor air. It can prevent respiratory problems. It is not an ordinary air purifier. It is featured with artificial intelligence. The more it learns from you, the better it will serve you.

Its air meter detects and diagnoses your living environment and then advises what to do to improve the air quality of your home. Its sensors detect PM 2.5 particles, VOCs, temperature and humidity.

Since it is portable, you can carry it anywhere to detect your surroundings. It can read and analyse data to protect yourself from falling prey to the invisible threat. This is useful for both your home and workplace.

The BRISE AI is an intelligent gadget that keeps allergies and other respiratory problems at bay. Since it has been developed by the collaboration of medical experts and IT specialists, it monitors your surroundings as accurately as possible.

Novita AirCare – Redefine Air Quality

This is another beautiful device to keep you from becoming the victim of indoor air pollution. Unlike BRISE, Novita AirCare does not just aim at purifying the air but also deliver surface serialisation to eliminate both surface-bound and airborne pollutants.

This highly efficient artificial intelligence gadget equips a multi-layered system called replaceable High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter. This purifies air by filtering contaminants.

When you activate it, UV rays allow its filter to create particles that destroy airborne contaminants. It releases millions of negative ions that attach onto allergens to stop them from floating in the air so that you do not inhale them into your lungs.

This gadget releases oxidise surface-bound compounds and remove airborne bacteria to purify indoor air. It is highly productive to get rid of odours. You do not need to invest in scented candles that aggravate your respiration.

Air Healthmate

An ordinary air purifier cannot do what artificial intelligence gadgets can do for you. A few sprits of air purifier can remove the odour but spread VOCs at a large scale, threatening your respiratory system. If you are allergic to pollens and have concerns about VOCs, Air Healthmate can be a good option for you.

This gadget can perform round the clock and whittle down the symptoms of coughing, wheezing, runny nose, watery eyes, dry mouth, sore throat, and lung allergies.

Air Healthmate encompasses four-stage filters; each one aims at different types of pollutants. First off, it eliminates visible particles like dust and hair and then allergens such as moulds and pollens. Air Healthmate claims to remove gases, chemicals and odours. It can also remove traces of cigarette smoke lingering the air. This device is a bit loud, so if you are not a heavy sleeper, it cannot be an ideal thing to use in a bedroom.

Mi Air Purifier

Compared to other gadgets, Mi Air Purifier can fit your budget. This gadget sucks air from all sides, purifies it and releases fresh air from the top. It consists of a cylindrical filter cartridge that eliminates hair, dust, PM 2.5 particles, allergens and VOCs so that you can breathe in the fresh air. The best part of this device is it also filters harmful gases and odours from the air.

The smart gadget will let you know when you should change the filter cartridge. You can also get the details about the temperature and humidity.

Artificial intelligence has contributed a lot to improve our life better, and it is still finding new ways. Devices mentioned above can cost you more than you expected. Before you investing in these gadgets, make sure that you have made the budget. In case you do not have money, you can apply for short-term loans like bad credit loans and loans for unemployed.

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