Samsung aiming to Produce 7nm Chipsets for 2018!

2016 was a bad year for Samsung, It has seen the worst time a tech giant can see or go through. After the massive failure of Note 7, Samsung has got huge popularity decrease and they just need to prove themselves back now. So as per reports, SamMobile is all set to produce heavy duty 7nm Chipsets for smartphones for playing 2018 safe and better.

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Samsung’s chief of the semiconductor LSI division called the technology “challenging” during the quarterly results press conference, yet mentioned that Samsung expects to become leader, due to the introduction of the next-gen extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment that helps laying down the miniscule transistors close to each other without too much drama.

7nm chipsets

TSMC is expected to undergo risk production of 7nm chipsets this year, and mass production next year, while Samsung now also cites an aggressive roadmap for “early 2018,” meaning that the Galaxy S9 will most likely flaunt a 7nm chip. In the meantime, Samsung will aim to perfect the 10nm lithography for its flagship line this year, and the 14nm chips for the midrange and wearables segment. Needless to say, we can’t wait to measure the performance and power draw of the processors in the Galaxy S8, and hear more details about the move to 7nm chipsets next year, which should be pretty significant in its turn.

We are ourselves too excited for the 7nm chipsets and if we get anymore information on it, we shall inform you through fresh articles. Stay tuned! 🙂


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