LEAKED: Galaxy S9 Front Panel Hints how the Device might look!

Samsung’s Latest flagship, Galaxy S8 has undoubtedly made some noise in the market because of its amazing design and Samsung’s injection of great hardware. Now, The intense Tech Community have already started talking about different rumors and leaks about the next Sam flagship, Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9

Few hours back, Twitter leakster @slashleaks has leaked an image which shows us the upcoming Galaxy S9’s alleged front panel. Looks pretty similar to the Galaxy S8 but with some small notable design changes. Because the Galaxy S9 has slimmer bezels than the Galaxy S8, the upcoming handset is slightly shorter than this year’s model, according to the report.  What we see from the image is that the panel has some Chinese write-up upon it which must be the serial number for the factory purpose. Well, Thats all we can say looking at this leak.

Talking about earlier rumors, Galaxy S9 will probably have a single rear-facing camera lens. That lines up with reports that the Galaxy S9+ would offer a dual-lens array and not the Galaxy S9. Maybe Samsung has better plans with the good old Single Camera module and we’ll be able to witness that with thee upcoming S9.


Samsung is also rumored of including a “In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor” in the Galaxy S9. Which will be first of its kind because till date, we have either seen Fingerprint scanners on the body or the new Face ID that came with the introduction of Apple iPhone X. But, this is gonna be something really unique and will definitely set another trend of a particular Smartphone feature that might power a lot of devices in 2018.

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Ultimately, we don’t actually know for sure whether the leaked image is real, but it’s not hard to fake them and throw rumormongers offer the scent. But the details tend to line up with many of the Galaxy S9 rumors we’ve been hearing in recent weeks, and with Samsung reportedly planning to offer the device in early 2018, we’ll know soon enough whether this is the real deal. Till then, we got to wait and enjoy the current Flagship 😀


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