Moto X3 Leaked, Suggesting a Budget Device!

Just few hours back, a new leak popped up from GFXBench claiming that a new device from Moto named as “Moto X3” has passed through benchmark tests and thus, the  specifications were even revealed. But, if you are thinking Moto already launched Moto X 3rd Gen devices as Moto X Play, Moto X Style. NO! They were variants and it was mentioned no where that they were the 3rd Gen Moto X device. But why Motorola is taking upon a Budget device with Moto X3 ?

Moto X3 Zauba Import

probably won’t refresh its smartphone lineup until sometime this summer, but the Lenovo-owned company is already testing a new device in secret. A recent listing was also spotted on Zauba, an Indian shipping database, reveals plans for something called the Moto X3.

According to the GFXBench, a device codenamed “Moto X3” with similar specifications has been imported in numbers to match test patterns. 4 of each means that the company is testing out these devices that have an estimated price of Rs. 6812(100$ Roughly) The device appears to sport a 5-inch display, GSM network support and a single SIM card slot. The codename suggests this could be the latest in the budget-flagship Moto series. Then again, the company never actually released a Moto X2 even, and has already released three generations of Moto X devices.


Lenovo-XT1700-XT1706-1459343335-0-11The 5-inch frame actually sounds more like a Moto G successor, which is great news for fans of the budget-friendly smartphone. It’s still way too soon to know anything for sure, but if Lenovo is testing a new Motorola device, we should start to see more information leak out in the near future.

So what’s your take on this? Excited or feeling Suspicious? Or even Better? 😀 Let us know in the comment sections below! Let us have a healthy discussion on this!

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