Finally, Here is how the Nexus 2016 will confirmed Look like!

So after a series of leaks on different websites and social medias regarding the Nexus 2016 phones, we have the most authentic version and so called “Confirmed” one coming exclusively from AndroidPolice. Though, the phone does looks little weird.

Right now it is believed that Google is working with HTC again, who made the original HTC Nexus One, and are working on not one but two new Nexus smartphones for 2016. One will have a 5-inch display, the other coming in at 5.5-inches and slightly smaller than last years popular but huge Nexus 6P.

According to various reports these two Nexus 2016 phones will look nearly identical in design, share very similar top-tier specs, but have different screen sizes. Essentially the same approach as the iPhone or the Galaxy S7, rather than the smaller model having underwhelming specs like last year. Buyers will get to choose the size that fits them, without sacrificing in performance or specs.

According to their report this image comes from extremely reliable pictures they were shown, and have discussed with the source. Their source is also highly confident that this, at some point, was Google’s new Nexus smartphone for 2016. It could be an early design, a final design, or what’s currently being worked on and is not a finished product yet. Essentially this very well could be the new Nexus, or it could look somewhat different when it’s released in the near future.


The site goes on to state this new design language of Nexus 2016 will be present in both the bigger and smaller Nexus for 2016. It has a rather plain and sleek front face with nothing going on too much, with an all metal frame. There are subtle antenna lines on the back bottom, with a glass (or plastic) window on back for NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi and other radios to send signals though. All metal phones have poor reception, which is why this looks the way it does and iPhone’s have lines on the back.

One thing to recognize is the camera is completely flat, with no hump, has three sensors next to it, and the small G logo on bottom. We’re not sure if this will remain on the final model, but will have to wait and see. They also state there will be a regular Aluminum model with a white front, and the sleek all-black model shown today. There are also reports of an electric blue option as well. For now this is nothing but an early render or concept and needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s also our first reliable image yet. If Google does launch new Nexus phones with Android 7.0 Nougat, they should be here before the end of August. Stay tuned for more details 😀

Let us know what you think of this design and also if any feedbacks you have! Thanks and Cheers!


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