Robin, the Cloud-Obsessed phone is set to Fly!

Robin, which was introduced by Nextbit is all set to fly to its owners. The Kickstarter based company originated from San Francisco is finally setting up their online stores for the delivery of pre-orders and sell more units. So, the Nextbit Robin is a smartphone which delivers you a huge amount of cloud storage with a really solid spec sheet! The phone is said to come with whooping 100GB of Online Storage as promised by the brand itself!

Nexbit’s Chief Design Officer Scott Croyle however warns that early supply will be limited.

“There will be maybe 3,000 to 6,000 phones available,” he said in an interview Wednesday. In comparison, Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Pluses in their first three days.”


The launch of the online store and the Robin marks the culmination of an unorthodox journey for a phone maker. Rather than go through a carrier, which is how most people shop for handsets, or even set up an online store, Nextbit tested the waters by asking for commitments through Kickstarter and nearly tripled its goal of raising $500,000.

Nextbit isn’t your typical unknown startup either. Co-founders Tom Moss and Mike Chan were part of Google’s original Android team. Croyle was behind the critically acclaimed HTC One.

Nextbit plans to ship the first batch of Robin phones to early Kickstarter backers on Tuesday. The online site that will sell the phone to the public is scheduled to open at 7 a.m. PT next Thursday. In addition to the phone, the site will offer three kinds of cases, as well as screen protectors and custom power cables. (The Robin uses a new USB Type-C port, rather than the more common Micro-USB port.)


So, we hope this smartphone will be a big hit! It has some awesome specs to power itself and a great feature which is actually the face of future as it is inevitable that cloud storage will be the way to store your high end data. Anyways, are you one of the customers who backed them or pre-ordered? What are you thinking ? Let us know in the comment sections below! 🙂

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