Huawei is Making another Nexus this Year, Officially Announced!

When the leaks and rumors of the 6p were in the air , many people were dejected and disappointed with the looks of the phone and began condemning huawei.This however had a major turnabout once the phone was released to the public and now its pretty much safe to say that the Nexus 6p is one of the best nexus’s release made to date.Sure its pretty big to hold but once you get past that ,the google goodiness it comes baked with will easily satisfy your needs . This year round too as claimed by a Huawei exec , Huawei is making the nexus again , o.O ?

During the Huawei trio phone launch in South Africa , Charlene Munillal Huawei’s Consumer Business Group in South Africa blurted out to Gear Burn that “we’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way.” This puts us in quite a pickle considering the fair amount of information from leaks and rumors that has been moving around regarding HTC partnering up for the nexus this year ,2016 to make both the High end ‘P device as well as the more affordable ‘X.


The information may however not be completely true as she could have been referring to something else , but whatever it is we’re having quite a twist with HTC making the 2 Nexus’s Marlin and Sailfish.

As from Last year’s I/O Google conveyed that 2015 onward they’re planning on releasing 2 nexus devices . One being the X , the more affordable and featuring a core nexus performance and the second being the P , the high end stock experience one.Considering that Huawei got the first shot at manufacturing both the nexus’s in 2015 and they did do a pretty impressive job at that it wouldnt be totally surprising if we probably saw a HTC & Huawei Nexus this time.

For a more detailed excerpt of Munillal’s speech read on below:

“The Nexus product is a very niche product… the techies love it but there’s a very small number of people that buy it. Hence Cellucity only brought 300… into the country,” she explained.

“…The operators generally don’t take up the Nexus device,” Munilall added.

“That said, the distributors, our open market, do bring in the device, that’s how Cellucity got it… and that will still be the same this year. We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way,” she explained.

The article will be further updated after further clarification from Huawei , so stay on edge!  What do you guys think ? Should Huawei be offered another chance at the nexus or will HTC do a better job ?Let us know in the comments below!.



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