The Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Specifications

Huawei Mate 40 Pro is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful mobile phone, along with a great camera. You can use this phone anywhere and anytime you want without losing the great moments. Take a look at the specifications below before using this gadget.


Huawei uses a combination of silver and black for the body of the phone. The black color represents the fantastic mystery of the night. The silver boosts the charming effect. You are about to use an elegant mobile phone by Huawei with this product. For more comfortable usage, this manufacturer uses rounded corners. It will be handier to touch even if you have to do it for a few hours. Huawei also cares about the durability of this product. That’s why they cover the body with splash-resistant to keep the phone safe from water. This feature is great for those who are using the phone on a rainy day or dusty area. There is also a feature that can control the light for eye protection and comfort while using the phone. The camera is using a space ring model that makes the design looks stylish.


Huawei is applying the Kirin processor to boost the performance and power of the Mate 40 Pro. This processor consists of 15 billion4 transistors, along with a compact design. Because of this processor, this product is smooth enough for multitasking and processing a lot of data. This processor also supports the Artificial Intelligence technology to support any commands instantly. Plus, there is an octa-core CPU and 240-core GPU inside the software that boosts the performance and power efficiency. This product even uses a tiny core NPU to improve the works of the camera, gesture control, and AI recognition.


You will get stunning photos and videos by using this product. Huawei supports this phone with an ultra-vision camera, along with a higher MP, aperture, and sensor. The octa PD autofocus allows you to get the best images no matter the condition. The result looks perfect even if you take a photo in a low-light area. This phone also has an ultra-wide cine camera that produces outstanding cinematic photos. The performance of the camera is even maximal with the use of the laser sensor and telephoto camera. The laser sensor helps to focus the camera accurately. The telephoto camera helps you to zoom in the imagine maximally to get the detail you want.

You will also get the same video result. Huawei uses the XD Fusion HDR video mode to maximize the detail, color, contrast, and brightness. The feature works well even if you take a video in a low-light area.

Additional Features

This product is also an option for gamers or users who often use a mobile phone and PC at the same time. The Multi-Screen Collaboration feature helps to transfer the phone into the PC immediately. You can also control the volume instantly like what you want.


The good thing is that you can use the features maximally due to the powerful battery. Huawei Mate 40 Pro is using a 4400 mAh which is a large-capacity battery. This product also has a supercharge system to recharge the battery fast and last longer.

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