Develop for Android Experiments and Win a Trip to Google I/O 2016!

Have you considered yourself that Dark Horse ,crazy about Android Development yet not offered a chance to witness the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end ? .If so , this is your chance to turn it all around and grab the opportunity to see where it all goes down. Ladies and Gentleman I’m talking about Google I/O , 2016.

This year google is offering all those young developers out there a fair chance to showcase their android development challenge and guess what the winner of this crazy tech experiment will be allowed to showcase their project to the attendees of Google /IO . Not to forget the runners-up would receive a Nexus 6P .You dont strike gold , you at least strike silver and that’s pretty neat :).

This experiment involves usage of the Android environment in a unique and aesthetic way depicting its features and also standing as a base for other developers to work open!


Given below is what google is basically looking for via this experiment-

  • Deals with how we interact with devices on a day to day basis
  • Open source so anyone can benefit from it , which is what Android stands for
  • Interesting and Innovative usage of the latest features that the droid engine has brought to the world
  • Creative usage to explore the human mind’s thinking capabilities , surprising Google , surprising the world
  • The BB winner should be able to give good information.

Whether you thing you have what it takes or not give it a shot because remember knowledge gained in the process is never lost . Good luck and maybe you can send us a postcard when you attend I/O 2016 yourself ;).The link to the experiment is given below. Also, do let us know if you are the winner or if you even applied! We would be so glad 😀

SOURCE:Android Experiments

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