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iPhone 12 finally gets a new charger… A staggering 20 watts!

Welcome to 2018 Apple!

A fresh leak from twitter has shown a new 20 watt charger from Apple in transparent form. Although it’s a speedy charger, expect it to be arriving with the premium iPhone 12 variants. For the iPhone 11 pro, an 18w charger was bundled, but for the lower variant, they stuck to just 5 watts. Expect a similar stance for iPhone 12.

According to Mr White on Twitter, the pics of the transparent iPhone charger can be seen. However it’s not clear if the 20w adapter will be bundled with the iPhone 12 Pro series, or the entire iPhone 12 line-up. So we predict the pro series will most likely get it.

As seen in the picture, the adapter uses a USB-C port, and not a lightning port. This means that Apple is gradually making the shift to USB-C. The iPhone 11 was the first iPhone to have a lightning to USB-C port and chargers with PD(Power Delivery). This time Apple might make USB-C jack the default for the iPhone 12.

As reported earlier, there will be 4 models of the iPhone 12. One 5.4 inch display, two 6.1 inch displays, and the largest will be 6.7 inches. It’s reported that the 6.7 inch iPhone 12 will feature triple cameras, and LiDAR system. More reports have leaked out that the base model with LTE will be $549. So this means there will be separate 5G variants too.

We have also reported earlier, that the iPhone 12 series will get 120Hz refresh rates for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. It’s unclear if the iPhone 12 Pro series would get a fixed refresh rate of 120Hz, or a dynamic refresh rate from 60 to 120Hz. The new refresh rates would obviously bring in bigger batteries. So we should hopefully see larger, juicier batteries on the new iPhone 12 series.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 12 series in September while mass production of the phone will begin in July.

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