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  • Mar- 2017 -
    20 March

    Samsung Announces Bixby, Its Very Own Personal Assistant!

    Siri, almost the first Virtual Assistant for a smartphone was introduced by Apple and soon enough, Microsoft adopted that with their introduction with Cortana and then came Google Assistant for Android. Now, its Samsung’s turn to heat up the game! Bixby, which long been rumored, is the company’s very own personal assistant (or “agent” as they seem keen on calling it) that’ll be at the heart of all their products. Samsung has confirmed that Bixby will launch with the Galaxy S8, and that those phones will even have a dedicated Bixby Button to initiate the personal assistant.   Samsung hasn’t yet…

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  • 17 March

    Google Voice just got the first Update and it’s exciting!

    Google Voice released long back but we didn’t see any update or improvements so far since then. But, all of a sudden Google secretly rolled out the first update finally and it’s kinda exciting but, we must say it isn’t anything very special or unique. Just little helpful for the users. So there’s a new update for the Google Voice rolling out today with more conversation management options, GIFs, and more! But what’s more exciting is that.. nothing more 🙁 😀 Brace yourself, here’s the full list of new updates and features(Android and web) Google posted on the product forums.…

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  • 15 March
    RumoursFoldable Display Smartphone

    Finally, Samsung’s Foldable Display Smartphone probably making a debut at IFA 2017!

    We have heared rumours about Samsung’s venture for a Foldable Display Smartphone long back but never really got any report which states when the brand might bring it. But, finally here we have a latest report which says that SamMobile most probably introducing the Foldable Display Smartphone at the IFA 2017 this year and we can’t be anymore excited! 😀 Last month, fancy rumors began circulating on the web that Samsung was planning to launch a pair of devices with this technology later this year, although exact release timing was still up in the air. As we move forward into…

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  • 11 March
    AppsAudials Moviebox 2017

    Audials Moviebox 2017: Intuitive, Easy to Use, & Automatic Video Recording Functions

    The web has become an increasingly restrictive place. If you want to access anything, you will have to pay for it. In fact, many news outlets are also turning to paid form. So when it comes to watching your favorite movies or TV shows, it is more or less accepted that you have to pay out of your pocket in order to get what you want. Does this mean that the good old days of free streaming videos is over? No, not with the video streaming recorder Audials Moviebox 2017 being available here! With this new software now available for…

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  • 11 March
    Concept Designs

    Oh Wait, Nokia can introduce an EDGE Phone too!

    After the release of the new set of Nokia phones, the market is loving the brand once again and the consumer response is really impressive. Though, it is still into the budget devices but heres one render which can get us excited because an EDGE phone from Nokia will be killing, isn’t it? 😀 Obviously we also have specs, that sound pretty solid and even the Galaxy Note 8 gets a nice rival here. We’re getting a Nokia Edge phone with a 5.7 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen, 6 GB of RAM and a quad core Snapdragon processor. It’s most…

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