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  • May- 2021 -
    1 May

    Researchers found the main factor limiting solar cell performance: Hydrogen in Hydrogen Perovskites

    Researchers in the materials department in UC Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering have uncovered a major cause of limitations to efficiency in a new generation of solar cells. Various possible defects in the lattice of what are known as hybrid perovskites had previously been considered as the potential cause of such limitations, but it was assumed that the organic molecules (the components responsible for the “hybrid” moniker) would remain intact. Cutting-edge computations have now revealed that missing hydrogen atoms in these molecules can cause massive efficiency losses. The findings are published in a paper titled “Minimizing hydrogen vacancies to enable…

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  • 1 May

    The new HPE supercomputer which will be built in Singapore will bring AMD and Nvidia together

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise this week said it had landed an order to build a new supercomputer for the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore. More than two years ago, Singapore’s National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) announced a $200 million SGD (~$151 million USD) investment to boost its supercomputing power by an order of magnitude. Today, those plans come closer to fruition with the announcement that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has been awarded $40 million SGD from that fund to deliver a new, more powerful supercomputer for the NSCC. The new NSCC system will be built using a HPE Cray EX supercomputer comprising nearly…

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  • Apr- 2021 -
    29 April

    A new type of bacteria will clean our oceans of microplastics, founded by microbiologists

    Microbiologists have found a way to use bacteria to trap microplastics, removing them from the environment and making them easier to recycle. At the Microbiology Society’s Annual Conference held this day on 28th April, Yang Liu, researcher at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, discusses a new technique to trap and recover microplastics. The method uses bacterial biofilms, a sticky substance created by micro-organisms, to trap microplastic particles. The biofilm is then processed and dispersed, releasing the microplastic particles for processing and recycling. Liu and colleagues used the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa to capture microplastics in a bioreactor. This species of bacteria is…

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  • 28 April

    AMD’s upcoming Strix Point APUs to feature big.LITTLE architecture and fabbed on the 3nm process, to launch in 2024

    We’re still some ways off from seeing AMD launch its Zen 5 architecture, but nonetheless, the rumour mill is churning out some early information. Apparently, AMD’s Zen 5 APUs, codenamed ‘Strix Point’, will be based on 3nm process technology and feature the emerging hybrid core architecture. First details regarding AMD’s next-generation Zen 5 based ‘Strix Point’ Ryzen Desktop CPUs & APUs have hit the web. It looks like the successor to Zen 4 will have some big changes on both consumer CPU & APU lineups. Information reported by Moepc states that while Zen 4 based Phoenix APUs are expected next…

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  • 28 April

    Snapdragon 888 Plus in the works: To power smartphones in the third quarter of this year

    Snapdragon 888 has been Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset for smartphones till date but it seems an updated variant of the processor is in tow and one of the first companies to feature the updated chipset could be Honor. While we still await the proliferation of the new Qualcomm flagship SoC, a rumour has emerged concerning the Snapdragon 888 Plus. According to prolific tipster Digital Chat Station, Qualcomm will release the Snapdragon 888+ in the second half of next year. He also disclosed reason why Qualcomm locked the GPU frequency of the chipset at 840MHz. This he says is to prevent…

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