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  • Nov- 2023 -
    11 November

    Revolutionizing CRISPR: Quantum Biology and AI Merge to Enhance Genome Editing

    Lead Image: Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have advanced CRISPR Cas9 technology for microbial genome editing by using quantum biology and explainable artificial intelligence. This breakthrough allows for more precise genetic modifications in microbes, expanding the potential for renewable fuel and chemical production. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s research in quantum biology and AI has significantly improved the efficiency of CRISPR Cas9 genome editing in microbes, aiding in renewable energy development. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) used their expertise in quantum biology, artificial intelligence, and bioengineering to improve how CRISPR Cas9 genome editing tools work on organisms like…

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  • 10 November

    Peering Into the Future: Eye Scans Unveil Parkinson’s Disease Markers 7 Years Early

    Lead Image: Researchers have identified early indicators of Parkinson’s disease in eye scans, years before symptoms occur. This could lead to pre-screening tools and preventive measures against neurodegenerative diseases through the emerging field of oculomics. Early detection of Parkinson’s disease through eye scans may soon enable preventive strategies against neurodegeneration, thanks to a major study using AI in retinal imaging. Markers that indicate the presence of Parkinson’s disease in patients on average seven years before clinical presentation have been identified by a UCL and Moorfields Eye Hospital research team. This is the first time anyone has shown these findings several…

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  • 9 November

    Genetic Treasure Trove: 451 Keys to Unlocking Prostate Cancer Mysteries

    Lead Image: Scientists have identified 451 genetic variants linked to prostate cancer risk, enhancing risk prediction and screening accuracy, especially for men of African ancestry, through a comprehensive study involving nearly 950,000 men from diverse backgrounds. An international collaboration led by USC explored the genomes of nearly 950,000 men, finding a total of 451 variants and refining what is known about genetic risk for prostate cancer. A globe-spanning scientific team has compiled the most comprehensive list of genetic variants associated with prostate cancer risk — 451 in all — through a whole-genome analysis that ranks as the largest and most…

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  • 7 November

    How 2 Proteins Could Change the Future of Schizophrenia Treatment

    Lead Image: Researchers have found an interaction between two brain proteins, MAP6 and Kv3.1, that impacts memory, movement, and anxiety in mice. This discovery could lead to new treatment strategies for schizophrenia. When these proteins fail to interact, negative behavioral symptoms emerge, linking them to specific areas of the brain responsible for such behaviors. The research suggests new directions for treating schizophrenia by targeting these protein interactions. A study in mice identifies crucial factors affecting mobility and memory. Scientists have discovered a physical interaction between two proteins in brain cells that can be traced in mice to control of movement,…

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  • 3 November

    The Secret Behind Passing Out: New Brain-Heart Connection Identified

    Lead Image: Researchers have identified the genetic pathway between the heart and brain responsible for fainting, revealing a two-way communication that could lead to new treatments for syncope-related disorders. Neurobiologists have discovered sensory neurons that regulate fainting, providing a foundation for targeted treatments for related disorders. Syncope, commonly known as fainting, affects nearly 40 percent of people at least once in their lifetime. These transient losses of consciousness can be precipitated by various triggers such as pain, fear, heat, or hyperventilation, and they are a substantial cause of emergency room visits. Despite their prevalence, the fundamental mechanisms underlying syncope have…

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