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  • Jan- 2016 -
    19 January

    Nexus 2016 to be made by HTC?

    Being picked by Google to develop a Nexus phone alongside them is always an honor. The community too has strong attachments to Nexus devices, especially those from particular manufacturers. We are already starting to get fresh rumours aout Nexus 2016! According to reports on Weibo, 2016 will see a continuation of what we saw in 2015. We’ll be getting two Nexus phones except that unlike last time, both of these will come from a single manufacturer. These reports also claim that this manufacturer is none other than HTC. HTC is the company to not only have made the very first…

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  • 19 January

    Lumia 650 possibly the last of its kind?

    Lumia 650 Ha! The Lumia smartphones have a very uncertain future when it comes down to Microsoft. To push this sentence more towards the truth, Microsoft recently revealed that it would be introducing a “more effective phone portfolio”. According to reports from Windows Central, the “Lumia 650 is the last Lumia”. Instead, the software giant will focus towards its rumored “Surface Phone” for this year. Microsoft’s Surface chief indicated The Verge that the company wants a more consistent design across its devices. The so rumered “Surface Phone” is expected to shake the table later this year. “The Lumia smartphones have a very uncertain…

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  • 17 January

    What is Phishing ?

      We all are addicted to social networking and other chatting and internet platforms but so few of us are aware of internet phishing so in this post we are gonna cover the topic: Phishing. Before reading further you need to know what is phishing? Phishing is all about acquiring sensitive information such as Username, Passwords , Credit Cards details, and sometimes indirectly money by showing yourselves as a trustworthy entity and it is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging and it often directs users to Enter their details at a fake websites whose look and feel are…

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  • 16 January

    Best Laptop’s that you can buy this February 2017!

      Nowadays, Probably Everyone needs a great Laptop for his/her personal use or Corporate! And as its new year! After some research, we have chose the best set of laptops for you guys to choose from! We have collected information from many sources and consumers and thus we made them stand up to the “TOP 10” Rankings! Here we present our Best Laptops of February list:-   10 – Lenovo G50-30   This is best laptop for you if your budget is under 20K. It comes with a 15.6 Inches HD LED display with a resolution of 1366×768 1366 and has an…

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  • 12 January

    OnePlus 2 Mini Specifications Leaked!

    Thanks to the details that are now public due to TENAA certifying OnePlus’ upcoming phone and revealing most of the specifications of this new device, we know a lot more than we did before. This new phone is rumored to be the OnePlus 2 Mini, a smaller variant of their current flagship device which came out last August. With a model number of E1000, this new phone is smaller than the OnePlus 2 but with the definition of what constitutes a small phone changing every year, even this “Mini” model has a screen size of 4.99 inches with a width…

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