Ray Kurzweil working with Google to create Chatbots Offering Interesting Conversations!

We have all heard of voice assistants such as Google Now , Siri and Cortana ,but all in all they are just AI assistants and no more.One cant hope to have an illuminating and interesting conversation with them like we can do with people as they clearly lack the human intellect.However you can be sure that they are working on improving the AI of such assistants.

Ray Kurzweil renowned American Inventor ,author and futurist is working in collaboration with Google and his team in bringing out chat-bots which can one day make for such interesting conversations.Below is a small video showcasing Ray Kurzweil’s talent with the AI chat-bot.

Not much else is revealed regarding what they’ve been working on except that the chat-bot would be based off one of Kurzweil’s book’s characters called Danielle.The bot will carry a plethora of personalities and will have the capability to learn from significant amount of text such as a blog or a book.


The author also goes on to hint at the possibility of robots that will be capable of passing the Turing test,wherein no human can be able to determine whether they’re holding a conversation with a robot or a fellow human being .Of course all this is just speculation as always as we’re not even close to building an AI with even close to human intellect. Kurzweil says such capable beings can be expected by 2029.

“If you think you can have a meaningful conversation with a human, you’ll be able to have a meaningful conversation with an AI in 2029. But you’ll be able to have interesting conversations before that.” -Ray Kurzweil

We cant help but wonder what kind of conversations these will turn out to be , will they really be someone we could befriend or end up being improved AI assistants.There is also the other added possibility of build the human’s doomsday .What do you guys think regarding whats cooking , let us know in the comments.



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