Samsung Finally Announces the Galaxy S7 Scheduled Launch Date!

So, we have recently been covering Galaxy S7 news and we like covering more of em because of it’s growing trend! The upcoming Galaxy S7 of Samsung as a flagship is becoming one of the most awaited Smartphone of the year. We even heared many rumours about it even few days back we saw a great leak of the S7 and here we already have the schedule of Annnounement of the #TheNextGalaxy!

Samsung has put together a quick video — coming in at just under 15 seconds — to show off a Gear VR headset on someone’s face, as they reach out for a virtual box that looks strikingly similar to Samsung’s Unpacked box. And then there’s a hashtag that tells us the company has plans to show off the “#TheNextGalaxy,” followed by a February 21 announcement date.

Of course, Samsung hasn’t made any confirmation that the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge is what they’ll show off at the event, and one might even consider that virtual reality might have something to do with the event, but it’s a safe bet that the Galaxy S6 follow-up is waiting in that box to be shared with the world.

So, are you interested in this upcoming trend? What do you think the S7 is coming up with or what makes you feel it wont be a success? Let us know everything down below on the comment sections below! 🙂 We are here to listen to you!

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