Samsung Motion Photo: Unique Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature!

Long before the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were announced, rumours suggested that Samsung was working on its own version of the popular Live Photos, which Apple debuted on its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. So finally its here and it’s called Samsung Motion Photo.

Sooner or later, the feature was set to make its way into their flagships, though Samsung didn’t speak about it at launch nor have they made the slightest of promotions. That could be because the media would dub it as a copy of an Apple product or rather Samsung really intends to do more with Motion Photo in the future.

Samsung Motion Photo is now live on the company’s 2016 flagships, and we’re going to help you with the setup and know how’s of the feature on your phone.

Live Photos, seen on the Apple and also HTC before, transforms a picture into a short clip. The only difference being that it captures video from before the picture was taken while Live Photos records before, during, and after. Its likely that Samsung will improve the feature and remove limitations in the coming months or probably by the time the Note 6 is intoduced ;-).


The procedure is quite simple to get going with the Samsung Motion Photos on your device:

  •  Launch the Camera app on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. If the quick menu isn’t displayed, select the arrow at the top right and left (depending on your phone’s orientation). Select the gear icon that represents the Camera app’s settings.
  • The second item down from the list is Motion photo. Make sure that the toggle reads “ON” and then head back.
  •  After snapping a picture like you normally would, go into the Gallery app and view a picture taken after Motion Photo was enabled. You’ll see a small icon at the right said that is an image with a play button in its corner. Select that button and your picture will start moving around. That, my friend, is your first Motion Photo!

The update pushed out by Samsung a few days ago enables sharing of Motion Photo. The next time you share a picture, your phone will give you the option to share the Motion Photo as a video file. Still in its infancy and not quite as good as Apple’s Live Photos, Samsung has been kind enough to let users share these files somewhere rather than nowhere at all, which is an improvisation to the Motion Photo in a way.

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