Samsung Rethinking Curved Edge Display on Note 6

Samsung is always in the news for trying something new and this has been going on for a while now.Back in 2014 the flagship phones released by Samsung were the Note 4 and Note Edge and the edge was something revolutionary with a curved edge display which definitely turned some heads.Then last year there was the Note 5 and S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ which both featured a dual curved edge display and proved mighty useful to host a bunch of apps akin to a dock and also while watching videos.This year however a report from GSM Help desk states that Samsung has decided that there will only be 1 flagship phablet releasing this year , that being the Note 6.

Currently sources say that Samsung is testing two Note 6’s one with the dual curved edge display and another as a flat display .The screen size is said to stay put at 5.8 inches and QHD for both except for the minor change in the footprint of the phone on addition of the dual curved edge display , which refers to the width of the phone .


The other specs which have very well leaked around the internet by now include the Snapdragon 823 processor or (Exynos 8) depending on the region and the inclusion of 6 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of Expandable storage (yay to the micro SD card !).It will also feature the 12 MP sharp shooter as on the galaxy S7 and a mammoth 4000 mAH battery to support the mighty warrior.

Some of the information undoubtedly might change based on further rumors and the official statement from Samsung itself . That being said none of the info seems strange or hanging on a big question mark except for a yay/nay on the curved edge display . What do you guys think regarding Samsung’s latest Note 6 , let us know in the comments below , cheers !.



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