Time Management: The Best Timer Apps You Can Use

Apps For Time Managment

We are now living in a world where people would rely entirely on available technologies. These are the people who struggle to accomplish their essential daily tasks. The reason that they cannot manage their time is that they are busy or don’t have much time to think of those needed tasks.

The good news is that people can now resort to applications with the ability to set timers, and the best example is the Tomato Timer. This type of technological advancement makes our everyday tasks easier that we wouldn’t usually think twice about. So here is the list of the best timer apps that you can use.


If your primary goal is to look for a timer app that will boost your productivity, you might want to try this app. Goodtime enables you to have a Promodoro perspective when you manage your time. Pomodoro breaks down your activities into brief periods divided by long and mini-breaks. It’s a great way to properly manage your time which a lot of people are successful when they follow it.

You are able to proceed between work and break by swiping right or left. If you want to add extra minutes, just swipe up and if you want to end the session, just swipe down. This app is also capable of showing you statistics that you can find in the statistics tab. It is where you are able to check how good your performance in your last activity session and each one is labeled with the right flag. It also has an OLED-friendy dark theme, as well as the fullscreen mode. Also, Goodtime doesn’t show ads, and it’s open-source.

Brain Focus

This app is a productivity-centric timer app. If you compare Brain Focus to Goodtime, it has a couple of advanced utilities, especially for those people who are having a difficult time concentrating. For beginners, you can start sessions based on the Promodoro style and analyze data for more understanding of how you work. But this application made on top of this by adding a lot of handy tools. For example, it can block the sound and Wi-Fi when you are currently in session.

Moreover, you can block time-wasting third-party apps such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. right from Brain Focus. You are also given the ability to generate new presets for a particular activity and categorize for effortless access. You can customize the settings for associated notifications and the timer, and themes are also available in this app.

Timer Plus

People won’t have to find a new timer for workouts if they try Timer Plus. This app provides the ability to arrange whole interval training sessions with choices for breaks, the number of rounds you would like to stimulate, and the number of total seats. It’s more exciting to use this app because it has a bold and big design that enables you to view the status without any hassle when you are working out.

Timer Plus has voice assistance that speaks up when you are almost into a new round or a break. Similarly, this app makes your phone screen flash or access the rear LED flash, which is great if you usually keep your phone away from your workout space. You can create as much customized training presets as you want and move into them without going through various menus. There is also a built-in stopwatch in this app.

Interval Timer

If ever you feel like Timer Plus is a bit overwhelming for what you need, check this app out, the Interval Timer. This app has a more significant straightforward interface, with narrowly any learning curve, and enables you to define sets as well as their durations quickly. You can identify a work interval and another for resting in each round. Aside from that, it has big fonts and bright colors so that you are more comfortable when checking your pace. However, this app does show ad banners.


This app is another fitness-focused app that is built majorly for workouts that involve laps and sprints. It has a brilliant interface that allows you to start a timer or stopwatch instantly, and it’s simple to interact with mark laps. This app shows these points with various colors, and you can quickly swipe to the left to view the whole lap list. Also, you can have access to options like presets, themes, and a few more.


We must stay on track and do our daily tasks on schedule. By this time, you realize the importance of these apps, which you can access easily. It makes your life easier, and you can be more productive than you’ll ever be. These apps offer the best set of functionalities, and most of them are free.

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