Top Features of Route Planning Software

Route Planning Software Guide

If you are planning routes with 10 stops or less, generally, you end up using Google maps. Google maps can plan your delivery route, but it won’t necessarily optimize it as per your specific needs such as expense, time and priority. For finding the best part for a route with multiple address route4me will help you out.

Let’s have to Look Over the Top Features of Route Planning Software Bellow:

Routing Optimization

Routing optimization is the process of finding the most cost-efficient route. It requires all relevant factors such as the number & locations of all the required steps.

It can easily test the various different scenarios to help you review the costs of multiple route options & resource availability.

Proof of Delivery

POD is one of the important features that shows a receipt is accepted and delivery has been completed rather than a purchase has been made.

A receipt is globally known as the official document confirming proof of purchase. POD gets you a receipt that is a written proof of having received or taken a specified amount of money or goods.

Voice Command Directions

Safety comes first and you don’t want the eyes of your drivers focused on anything else other than the road, so here a built-in voice command capabilities can direct drivers while keeping their hands on the wheel & their eyes on the road.

Two-Way Messaging

It incorporates both sending & receiving messages through a cloud-based platform in a fraction of time. You can have the flexibility of managing incoming messages & run your campaign successfully on instant platforms.

ELD Compliance

It is an electronic logging device. ELD is used for keeping the driver’s record of duty status. It has been easily replaced by the paper logbook system.

Nowadays drivers also use ELD compliance service for recording their compliance with hours of services.

Compliance violation alerts:

A compliance alert indicates that pending information is required before the expense can be submitted for processing.

Fuel tracking:

The fuel tracking system is used to manage fuel consumption. Fuel costs can be up to one-third of all fleet operating costs. If you have an accurate fuel monitoring feature then you can easily cut operating costs & increase efficiency.

Vehicle diagnostics:

It checks the state of functions performed by the subsystem sensors & other components. It records the error of components in the error memory called diagnostic trouble codes.

For on-board vehicle diagnostics protocols like OBD are tasked primarily with the emission-related diagnosis. While off-board vehicle diagnostics protocol like UDS manages the diagnostic related to every other vehicle electronic control unit.


So these are the few major features of a route planning software, route planning software performs many critical tasks even before your drivers hit the road & also provide directional routing components same as the consumer apps, but also offers many advanced features for your company.

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