Xiaomi Android One: Absolute No bezel Smartphone With Stock Android Coming!

Android One was Google’s Budget Smartphone lineup which was first launched in India by Sundar Pichai with a vision of connecting the rest of the world online! Also, You ought to have heard off, Xia omi us operating with Google with some sorta Android one mission that’s being planned to launch. As from cutting-edge strains it may be noticed that Xiaomi Mi 5x is running stock Android. And now, we might see it transform into a Google powered handset, Xiaomi Android One!

Reports say the smartphone will bring the ‘Xiaomi A1’ Moniker, and in step with a new rumor, it will feature a complete display means no bezels even on top and bottom. The rumor got here inside the form of a weibo publish, which additionally blanketed the following pics.

Talking about the Initiative, Android One is a project, launched by Google for developing nations, to provide the updated softwares at lenient prices. Under this project, Google partners with major OEMs in the native country to provide the best available hardware in under $100 or $200 (low cost). Google gives latest updates and features to the Android One devices for the span of couple of years.

Sadly, no more facts is presently available approximately the device, including its pricing and availability. But, we count on the situation to trade quickly. Dont worry, we will keep you updated about anymore updates on Xiaomi Android One! Cheers!

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