An Honest Review of Android Oreo on the Nexus 5X

So, Android Oreo! oh where to start. Performance, Battery life, Possible issues to look out for, that is what I will be discussing today. So here we go!


Android Oreo is definitely better than Nougat and Marshmallow although it does slow down on occasion, but that is normal in the first month or so after a fresh install or OTA update. I expect it to improve as more apps adopt the Oreo battery saving methods. AnTuTu Benchmark score is total 44434, 3D score 19184, UX or User Experience Score is 12969, CPU score is 8872 and Ram Score is 3409. On Android Nougat scores ranged from 42xxx to 52xxx. Geekbench 4 Single cpu score is 684, Latest Nougat score was 738. Multicore score was 1923, Latest Nougat Score was 2283. Compute Score was 2708, I’m unable to find the score for 7.1.2(sorry).


Battery Life

With mixed usage and optimal battery health (85% to 95%) you can expect about 2.5 to 3.5 hrs Screen on Time or SOT. Over a week of usage, I was able to reliably get through a day easy with only 1 day where I had trouble making it through. For most people though there should be no issues battery wise unless the battery is damaged or subjected to constant high amperage charging, slow charging is generally better as well as not consistently charging to 100%.

Android Oreo

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Possible issues

There are some Bluetooth issues with Android Oreo but Google claims a fix is on it’s way. Doze doesn’t always kick in every time like it’s supposed to, Battery life suffers as a result of doze messing up.

So in Short, Android Oreo comes with mix of few bugs and great upgrades.. Nothing much to write here though. Let me know if you guys have anything in mind, will love to have some feedbacks and more opinions 🙂

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